Midtown’s true neighborhood tavern

Hey Atlanta!  Welcome to The Nook on Piedmont Park.  Established in 2009, The Nook is Midtown’s true neighborhood tavern –our very own Cheers.  About us you ask?  Well, we love being part of our Atlanta community, we love our neighbors, we love to give back, we love being green, and we love dishing out great food and amazing drinks to our friends and neighbors.

Located in the heart of Midtown, The Nook is a short stroll from Midtown Atlanta’s business district, and sits directly across from Atlanta’s largest green space – beautiful Piedmont Park.  The Park, of course, is one of the many reasons why The Nook has been voted the Best Patio in Atlanta years running. The view, the food, the drinks and, most importantly, the people make The Nook a great place to sneak away.

Unfortunately, while we love love love our puppies, due to health code restrictions, we are not allowed to accept dogs on our patio.

Business lunch?  Sunday Brunch?  The Big Game?  We’ve got you covered. We have several HD TVs inside and out, a big screen, free wifi, and you can plug in at any indoor table or bar seat. To brag just a little, we’ve won several awards for our Stuffed Burgers, Shrimp & Grits, White Bean Chicken Chili,  & Totchos.  Plus, we’ve been featured on The Travel Channel, and The Food Network, have been in multiple magazines and online blogs,  and even made national news (Today Show and Huffpost) for our unique cocktails (see the Word on the Street.)  We love our local brews (13 beers on tap), Kat’s Reserve Wine List offers great wines for a steal, we’re the original Atlanta destination for Fishbowl size drinks, and you haven’t lived until you’ve tried our Bloody Best!

We also strive to provide local organic deliciousness whenever we can.  If you’re looking for the best burger in Atlanta (we won Battle of the Burgers 3 years in a row) or if you need something lighter (we have the best hand pattied blackbean burger in Atlanta, no joke!) we’ve got you covered.

Giving back, it’s what we do.

Each day, we feature The Giving Cocktail, which rotates every other month and benefits a local charity. We always have the Drink for the Trees, the proceeds of which go to The Georgia Conservancy.  We also have The Giving Totcho. While the recipe changes quarterly, this item always benefits The Giving Kitchen.  And you’re sure to find other ways to give back each time you come in.

We at The Nook have a strong desire to do good and give back whenever we can.   We make it easy for our guests to  participate through our “Do Good While Being (a little) Bad” campaign.  Our guests know they are doing good, even when eating that heaping plate of Totchos.   We know our success comes from our community, and it’s our duty to do what we can to make a difference.   It’s so important to us, we do it every single day.

And of most importance, we have always, from the day we opened our doors, feed first responders in uniform for free.  That’s right, any day you come in, if you see your local Midtown Blue officer dining, it’s our treat, our pleasure, and our honor.

Please check back for ways you can give.  If you have a project and are interested please contact us at [email protected].

Charities we support:
The Georgia Conservancy | Scrubs Grub | Destroy Pancreatic Cancer | Lost -n- Found Youth Home | Inspire Atlanta | Piedmont Park Conservatory | SafeHouse Outreach | AID Atlanta | Atlanta Ronald McDonald House | Camp Twin Lakes | Jerusalem House | Embraced | The Red Cross | Arthritis Foundation | TechBridge | Positive Growth, INC | YES!Atlanta | Weaver Gardens Womens’ Shelter | Angels Among Us Pet Rescue | American Cancer Society | Atlanta Pet Rescue | Atlanta Lab Rescue | Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta | Joining Hearts | The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society | The Save the Hooch Campaign | Toys for Tots | Passion for Paws | Have a Heart | The Pro Bono Partnership of Atlanta | The Joseph Sams School | Midtown Alliance | Panthers for Paws | Southern Animal Rescue | The Susan G. Komen Foundation | Destroy Pacreatic Cancer | Cystic Fibrosis Foundation | Cheer for Children | Chris Kids | Hosea Feed the Hungry | Atlanta Community Food Bank | The Giving Kitchen | The Chattahoochee Riverkeeper | Inspire Atlanta | Releash Atlanta | Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

The Nook is Green

We strive to make choices that are good for the community and good for the planet.

  • We are styrofoam free
  • We adopted an aggressive recycling program – cardboard, glass, plastic & paper.
  • We use take-out containers that can be composted
  • We try to buy recycled-content paper products whenever possible, including hand towels, napkins, office supplies, etc
  • We properly maintain our grease traps and kitchen hoods
  • We recycle our used cooking oil
  • We keep outdoor waste storage, parking and sidewalks free of litter, grease spills and other potential pollutants
  • We do sweeping and spot cleaning for most clean ups instead of using harsh chemicals
  • We installed air hand dryers in the bathrooms to reduce waste
  • We only pour table water when people ask
  • We use low wattage lighting

We are constantly looking for different ways to reach our goal. If you see a way that we can become more earth friendly please email us at [email protected]

GREEN is the Color of our Values…

Okay – I know there are tons of places all around Atlanta where you can gather with your friends and play trivia, practically every night of the week. But there’s only one place where I’ll be playing trivia tonight and that’s The Nook on Piedmont Park

365 Atlanta

With one of the most popular locations in the city the Nook Bar and Cafe in Atlanta, Georgia on Piedmont Park is definitely one of the hot spots for dining and having cocktails in the popular city.

Yahoo Voices

The Nook on PIedmont Park, located in the heart of Midtown, is part Pub, part new-age southern, and just great.

The ATL Insider

A fried Twinkie? I knew before I had it that it was going to be a hit in my book. I mean honestly who can turn down fried desserts- I for one, can not. Imagine funnel cake with a creamy filling… it was scrumptious! The fried Twinkie wasn’t the only highlight of my meal at The Nook, the meal as well as the ambience was perfect…..

Atlanta Dish

Stop in on a Thursday night and you’ll find that there are some crazy burger “toppings” here that have a pretty unique location, too. That’s because what The Nook has become best known for—apart from that panoramic view and a severely-addictive appetizer specialty—is that all-too-rare burger subspecies, the stuffed burger.

Serious Eats

The recently revamped brunch cocktail menu at the Nook on Piedmont Park reimagines the classics without all the bells and whistles..

Creative Loafing

Come to find, the Bloody Best is not even close to the most powerful drink on this cocktail menu. For reference, check out the “Fishbowl” section of the menu where each drinks carries a whopping 16 ozs of liquor. That’s more than a bottle of beer’s worth of the hard stuff, per drink. If anyone needs me, I’ll be in Atlanta.